What People are Saying: Testimonials

“Cindy’s ability to bring our ideas to life and her insight into what would resonate with the audience [was very helpful]. She is a wonderful collaborator, detail-oriented, and an idea generator. She empowered us to drive the direction of our workshop while bringing the details of our ideas to life. We knew we could rely on her to come prepared to each of our meetings with fresh ideas based on our past conversations. She facilitated the workshop with ease, flexing to the needs of her audience and building on the goals for the day. Our event was a huge success because of Cindy’s partnership. We couldn’t have done this without her.”

    – Dropbox, Inc.


“Cindy’s natural ability to connect on a deeper and more personal level with people allowed her to effectively support me in my developmental goals and strategies – whether it was to get promoted, take a new role abroad, or to hone my skills as a new manager. I’ve appreciated the positive environment she creates, and her solution-oriented approach to coaching has always made me feel like she’s vested in my success and professional development.”

    – Samantha L., Vice President, Finance Industry


“Built on years of direct experience and outcomes, Cindy has a natural gift and ability to connect with people while presenting talent solutions. She is a reliable and creative thought partner who helped our organization by providing performance competency research and tools to support hiring and talent management practices. Having now worked with Cindy in a variety of industry settings and roles, I would recommend her services for any teams and individuals who are seeking innovative approaches and inclusive results for career/talent management.”

     – Talent Professional, National Social Justice Nonprofit Organization 


“There are so many gems, nuggets that I took away from this. Most D & I events only scratch the surface on content, but this summit allows us to get real and really discuss what can be done, but the barriers we face to get there. This was the D & I event I have been waiting for. Onward.”

    – Diversity & Inclusion Practioner, Design Thinking Summit Participant


“My experience with Cindy was an extremely valuable component of my career navigation process. I came into the process unaware of certain key yet subtle nuances of the New York labor market and what HR professionals are seeking. However, Cindy’s experience and forthright feedback alerted me to pitfalls present in the job search process and helped me to crystallize how best I could make myself more marketable.”

     – Christopher F., Attorney


“I was so stressed over getting my resume done. Cindy de-stressed me and really did a lot of the heavy lifting so I did not have to search for creative verbiage! The results were exactly what I wanted and a bargain compared to some “poser resume writers”. She is the REAL THING. The time Cindy spent really understanding who I am and what I wanted most helpful. She had so much patience and real desire to get it right! 

I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My resume now reflects who I am and is so professional. This is a great investment everyone in business should consider. Even if you are not looking for a new job, it makes you feel great about yourself! It was like having a facelift – I look at my accomplishments in a new refreshed version!

     – Sue B., Content Sales Strategist


“Approaching a resume build mid-career is a daunting task.  I was nervous about everything from formatting to content.  Cindy was a steady and supportive guide from the start.  Not only did she help me work through the construction of a resume I’m proud of, but I felt like she had valuable observations to offer on the challenges of mid-career changes.   The net result was a piece of mind and, hopefully, a great new career.  She was incredibly helpful and I’d recommend her highly to anyone facing this difficult situation.”

     – Mike S., Director, Finance Industry


“Professional, dependable, thought leader,  these are some of the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Cindy.  She recently worked with me on my resume, coaching me on how to tell my story effectively and enabling me to position myself for a variety of career opportunities aligned with my skills and passions.  It’s always a pleasure teaming up with her and I look forward to many more collaborations.”

    – Seun O., Vice President, Finance Industry


“I have known Cindy Joseph for more than 20 years. Because of the quality of her work, she was continuously promoted and entrusted with greater responsibility at two major global firms. Personally, she has coached me through some career difficulties. Her advice and insight proved invaluable. She has also provided helpful suggestions to trim the fat on resumes, with a quick turnaround time.  Because of her many years in the industry, she is able to quickly fine-tune a resume, highlighting exactly what a recruiter is seeking.”

    – Maiga D., Attorney, Government


“This past September began the start into my fall semester as a senior at Cornell, as well as the start to a stressful journey into career recruitment season. I was put in contact with Cindy by a close friend. Through a conversation on the phone, Cindy walked me through the interview process, giving me step by step information about what to expect and how to handle any question with confidence and ease. Speaking with her not only eased my mind but also ensured that I went into the recruitment process feeling well prepared.”

    – Evodie G., Energy Industry